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“In our world, we like to ‘get things done’ but seldom take time to mold the leaders of tomorrow. Preston Poore’s new book combines spiritual insight with the nuts and bolts of solid leadership. In The Discipled Leader, Preston offers readers practical guidance on how to apply timeless Christian principles to leadership. It’s a must-read for every leader.”

Dan T. Cathy

Chairman and CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“You have the potential to be a difference-maker in today’s chaotic, leadership-starved world. But to see positive change in others, you must first allow yourself to be changed. In The Discipled Leader, Preston Poore connects a Christian leader’s need for personal discipleship to their leadership calling. This inspiring and practical book, written by a man who’s been in the trenches of both life and leadership, will guide you toward better leadership by way of better discipleship.”

Paul Martinelli

President, The John Maxwell Team

“Preston’s years of wisdom of integrating and living out his faith in the workplace are displayed in The Discipled Leader. Leaders will be challenged and encouraged to bring their whole selves to the workplace as they learn from the practical experiences Preston shares.”

David M. Katz

President and COO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

The Discipled Leader provides practical tools, tips, and action points for living out the basic Christian disciplines. Preston’s personal stories are moving and lead the reader to see how applying these principles makes a difference. This resource is useful for new believers or someone following Christ for years. It encourages and equips the individual but can also be used as a group study with the discussion questions and facilitator guide. The Discipled Leader would be a great resource for anyone desiring to walk closer with the Lord.”

Bryant Wright

Former Senior Pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
Founder, Right from the Heart Ministries
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

“There is no command to make converts in Scripture! There is a command to make disciples. However, that command is ignored, watered down, redefined and disobeyed. Preston Poore not only lays out the biblical mandate in a very real manner, he also makes it practical. I especially like that The Discipled Leader is geared for small groups where encouragement and accountability can and should exist. Read this book and join in the excitement of becoming like Jesus. Pass it forward.”

Dr. Hal Hadden

Founder, Christian Leadership Concepts

“Preston Poore has learned through life experience that leadership truly flows from who we are, not from what we do. In The Discipled Leader, Preston provides the rationale and tools to help leaders develop a strong, Christ-centered foundation for unimpeachable character  and lasting influence.”

Dr. Angie Ward
Leadership author and teacher
Influentiae, LLC

About Preston Poore

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Let me introduce myself… I’m a disciple of Christ and an executive at a Fortune 500 Company. As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I help others grow their relationship with Christ, develop their leadership skills, and understand how they can make a positive difference in today’s chaotic world.

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