Discipled Leaders Renew Their Strength in God

January 2, 2018

Leadership requires a tremendous amount of energy and can be exhausting, mentally and physically.  Why? The constant barrage of life storms and stress can wear you out.  You may be faced with loss, sickness, drastic change, disasters, attacks on your faith, people problems, unfounded criticism, failure or any other adversity. The relentless pressures can wear you down, cause you to burn out and make you want to quit. But, a leader needs to persevere and be resilient; to continue despite obstacles and bounce back after hardships.  To avoid fatigue and press on, a Discipled Leader needs time to recharge.  How?

Discipled Leaders find their strength in the Lord.  When faced with constant pressures, they retreat, refocus and then re-engage.  If you take time to connect with God, rest, and wait on him, he’ll empower you to carry on, bounce back and avoid fatigue.

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