Discipled Leaders Live and Learn

January 15, 2018

Personal and professional growth occurs when you are placed in harsh, uncomfortable and challenging circumstances.  You may encounter adversity, calamities, delay, denial, loss, failures, mistakes, errors or miscalculations.  That’s okay.  The challenges you face are an opportunity to learn and grow. How you respond is what counts.  It’s a choice.  You can become better or bitter through the experiences.  You can turn to God or from him.  Your response will make all the difference.

The Discipled Leader has a Growth Mindset – a belief that he or she can learn, grow and get better; talents, strengths, skills, and abilities can be developed. If you have a Growth Mindset, you’ll have a higher capacity to learn from your trials. You’ll be more apt to risk and learn through failure.  You’ll be okay with the ambiguity, complexity, and change that comes with leadership.  You’ll be able to regroup, reassess and move forward. Growth-minded leaders live and learn.

Leaders also find ways to grow through education, training, mentoring and coaching.  Knowing that growth is a process and not an event, leaders make the intentional decision every day to learn something new. They purposefully move out of their comfort zones and into the discomfort zone – where growth happens.  Lastly, they recognize that every situation they encounter will prepare them for the next one.  I challenge you to develop a growth mindset as you live and learn.


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