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8 Ways to Handle Success

November 16, 2019

Listen to audio version: Imagine you’ve accomplished something great - it may be a job promotion, closing that seemingly elusive deal, or winning the improbable election, and now you’re…

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The Power of Empowerment

October 26, 2019

View Video Version: My no-nonsense manager surveyed the roomful of team leaders and commanded us, “Bring your three-year plans. Have them complete and on my desk in two weeks.”…

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Developing a Significance Mindset

October 5, 2019

Recently at Colorado State University, I delivered the Sigma Chi Beta Tau Chapter 100 Year Anniversary Keynote Address to ~250 of my fraternity brothers and friends . . . I…

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4 Phases of Over-Communicating Your Vision

September 18, 2019

Please enjoy a guest article by Dan Cooper & Drew Hiss, authors of Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership Have you ever thought, “How can they…

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JERRY'S KID: My Struggle with CMT and Where I Find Strength

September 7, 2019

Listen to Podcast Version Do you remember Jerry Lewis? He was a famous comedian, actor, and philanthropist. One of his most notable accomplishments in life has been his partnership with…

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Integrity: The Better the Person, the Better the Leader

August 24, 2019

Podcast: *** Evan, my co-worker at our multi-billion-dollar consumer products company, stopped me in the parking lot. “Have you noticed how execution’s gotten sloppy over the past year?”  I nodded. …

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