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Snowpocalypse: One Thing Leads to Another

January 22, 2020

Listen to the Podcast Version (19 min) – Much more exciting ; -) January 29, 2014 – First journal entry of the new year.  I am thankful and full of joy this morning.  I survived Atlanta’s “Snowpocalypse” yesterday.   Here’s my story… The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for the Atlanta Metro area on Monday, […]

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8 Ways to Handle Success

November 16, 2019

Listen to audio version: Imagine you’ve accomplished something great – it may be a job promotion, closing that seemingly elusive deal, or winning the improbable election, and now you’re on top of the world. It took blood, sweat, and tears to get where you are. You’ve earned it. The problem for many people is […]

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The Power of Empowerment

October 26, 2019

View Video Version: My no-nonsense manager surveyed the roomful of team leaders and commanded us, “Bring your three-year plans. Have them complete and on my desk in two weeks.” We were supposed to nod our heads in silent assent. But I had to say something. If I didn’t, I knew my team would suffer. […]

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Developing a Significance Mindset

October 5, 2019

Recently at Colorado State University, I delivered the Sigma Chi Beta Tau Chapter 100 Year Anniversary Keynote Address to ~250 of my fraternity brothers and friends . . . I shared how to move from a success mindset to a “Significance Mindset”. I encourage you to read the message because what I share may be […]

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4 Phases of Over-Communicating Your Vision

September 18, 2019

Please enjoy a guest article by Dan Cooper & Drew Hiss, authors of Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership Have you ever thought, “How can they still not get it?” This is not that blog about the fact that you need a vision (you do). This is not that blog about […]

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JERRY'S KID: My Struggle with CMT and Where I Find Strength

September 7, 2019

Do you remember Jerry Lewis? He was a famous comedian, actor, and philanthropist. One of his most notable accomplishments in life has been his partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is “any of a group of hereditary diseases characterized by progressive wasting of muscles.”[i]Lewis helped create a telethon that raised sixty […]

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