About The Discipled Leader

How can you be a strong Christian leader in a secular business?

To be an effective Christian leader in a secular business, that leader must first be an effective disciple of Christ. Why? Because transformed lives transform cultures. To become the kinds of Christian leaders we need today, leaders need to become the kinds of disciples Christ has called all Christians to be—devoted to the fundamentals of Christian belief and practice.

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Who’s it for?

The Discipled Leader and its training course is for anyone who wants to grow closer to Jesus while also developing his or her influencing and leadership skills. Poore desires to drive practical application that translates into learning so that beneficial habits may develop. Through The Discipled Leader and its training course, Poore desires to fan the flames of worn-out Christian leaders who need to be reminded of their first love and deepest calling.

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Duel focus on leadership & discipleship

Learn how to bring your Christian faith to bear on your secular leadership positions.

Hard-earned Fortune 500 experience

Insight on how a growing disciple of Christ can apply biblical leadership principles in the secular workplace and succeed.

Reach your Potential

Practically apply each concept by employing biblical principles, developing skills, and reaching your leadership and spiritual potential.

Become Extraordinary

Move from an ordinary, average, mediocre life to an extraordinary, above-average, outstanding life through pursuing Christ.

Actively participate in positively influencing the world

Become a transformed person who then transforms their community.

What People are Saying

“In our world, we like to ‘get things done’ but seldom take time to mold the leaders of tomorrow. Preston Poore’s new book combines spiritual insight with the nuts and bolts of solid leadership. In The Discipled Leader, Preston offers readers practical guidance on how to apply timeless Christian principles to leadership. It’s a must-read for every leader.”

Dan T. Cathy

Chairman and CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“You have the potential to be a difference-maker in today’s chaotic, leadership-starved world. But to see positive change in others, you must first allow yourself to be changed. In The Discipled Leader, Preston Poore connects a Christian leader’s need for personal discipleship to their leadership calling. This inspiring and practical book, written by a man who’s been in the trenches of both life and leadership, will guide you toward better leadership by way of better discipleship.”

Paul Martinelli

President, The John Maxwell Team

“Preston’s years of wisdom of integrating and living out his faith in the workplace are displayed in The Discipled Leader. Leaders will be challenged and encouraged to bring their whole selves to the workplace as they learn from the practical experiences Preston shares.”

David M. Katz

President and COO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

The Discipled Leader provides practical tools, tips, and action points for living out the basic Christian disciplines. Preston’s personal stories are moving and lead the reader to see how applying these principles makes a difference. This resource is useful for new believers or someone following Christ for years. It encourages and equips the individual but can also be used as a group study with the discussion questions and facilitator guide. The Discipled Leader would be a great resource for anyone desiring to walk closer with the Lord.”

Bryant Wright

Former Senior Pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
Founder, Right from the Heart Ministries
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

“There is no command to make converts in Scripture! There is a command to make disciples. However, that command is ignored, watered down, redefined and disobeyed. Preston Poore not only lays out the biblical mandate in a very real manner, he also makes it practical. I especially like that The Discipled Leader is geared for small groups where encouragement and accountability can and should exist. Read this book and join in the excitement of becoming like Jesus. Pass it forward.”

Dr. Hal Hadden

Founder, Christian Leadership Concepts

“Preston Poore has learned through life experience that leadership truly flows from who we are, not from what we do. In The Discipled Leader, Preston provides the rationale and tools to help leaders develop a strong, Christ-centered foundation for unimpeachable character  and lasting influence.”

Dr. Angie Ward
Leadership author and teacher
Influentiae, LLC

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Seek

As a disciple, invest time with God. As a leader, seek God when making decisions.

The worst mistake of my professional life happened when I failed to heed God’s warning, which had been lovingly and consistently spoken through my wife. Through that tumultuous season, I learned two invaluable lessons about seeking God, both in my personal and professional lives.

Chapter 2: Believe

As a disciple, take God at his word. As a leader, cultivate God-confidence.

Faced with yet another job-related relocation that would cause me to break my promise to my family not to move us yet again, I didn’t know what to do—until I realized I wasn’t doing the single thing I should have been doing all along: trusting God.

Chapter 3: Love

As a disciple, love God and others with all you’ve got. As a leader, give up without giving up.

When my father and brother’s business relationship severely soured despite their growing tech company, I was asked to mediate. Though I wanted to help set their company on a better path, I was motivated by a deeper desire: love of family. I didn’t want them to lose each other. Through that lesson, I learned how essential love is when it comes to motivating yourself and others.

Chapter 4: Confess

As a disciple, keep short accounts with God. As a leader, be honest to the core.

When company employees were discovered leveraging company assets to build and grow a separate side business, I had to reveal what was occurring despite inevitable consequences and likely lost jobs. That experience was a challenging reminder of the essential need for leaders to have integrity and my constant need to confess my own shortcomings.

Chapter 5: Talk

As a disciple, pray without ceasing. As a leader, keep calm in the storm.

After being awarded a new position that had been described to me as “extremely stressful, demanding, and political,” I soon learned how true that description was. My team was dysfunctional, overworked, and undervalued, and my manager was unrelenting. If I didn’t change my leadership so my team would likewise change, we’d let down our constituents—or I’d soon be out of a job.

Chapter 6: Flee

As a disciple, resist the devil and he will flee. As a leader, ask, “Is it worth it?”

For weeks, I’d meticulously prepared my fifteen-minute speech for an important conference call involving five hundred managers and associates. After its successful delivery, I heard silence in reply. Then my manager called me and proceeded to critique my speech. Although I was cordial to him on the phone, I was livid within. I needed a few hours and time to pray before I finally fled the devil’s temptation toward resentment, retaliation, and egotism.

Chapter 7: Stand

As a disciple, stand tall. As a leader, overcome fear with faith.

Ignoring the nearby school bus stop, drivers sped down a blind curve on a hill in my neighborhood. My indignation rose. I had to do something or else someone—some child—was inevitably going to get hurt. Little did I know that my community stand would result in me becoming the chief target of Mr. Ruffian, the neighborhood’s developer. After an intense County meeting and a failed vote, the situation appeared hopeless. That’s when I learned that if faith can move mountains, it can also create speed bumps.

Chapter 8: Choose

As a disciple, choose joy. As a leader, delight others

Defective displays across the country were about to ruin our million-dollar company investment in a country-wide promotion. Maybe even worse, Kent, one of my employees, feared losing his job over the immense problem. But, instead of focusing on what was going wrong, I encouraged Kent to focus on the solution. I was once again reminded of the need to be encouraging—even delightful—as a leader.

Chapter 9: Yield

As a disciple, exchange your life. As a leader, live and learn.

After a second employee had quit on me in less than two months, my manager questioned my interpersonal skills. I was shocked, but I reached out to a professional coach for help. I learned about three significant deficits in my leadership skills and personal behaviors and made specific plans to exchange those negative aspects for positive behaviors.

Chapter 10: Disciple

As a disciple, make other disciples. As a leader, change your world.

After being asked to lead a team to enhance company-wide engagement between employees and their managers, I learned that our underlying problem was distrust. Team members didn’t believe in each other or trust their leadership. Through team-building meetings, town hall listening sessions, one-on-one discussions, and a vision statement, our trust increased, which soon became evident in our business results exceeding expectations. This experience reminded me how changing a work culture begins with changing yourself.

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